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11/09 Herning, Denmark-Apasche-Pasco
Nice front, good head, good pigmentation, good neck and shoulders, nice topline,...
11/09 Herning, Denmark-Apasche-Pasco
11 month old, strong bone, a bit long on legs, head in proportions with body, deep...
06/03 Dortmund, Germany-Dian Shan...
Fast 7 Jahre alter Rüde, harm. Knochenbau, maskuliner Kopf, gut gestellte...
06/03 Dortmund, Germany-Dian Shan...
2½ jahrige Hündinn, mittel kräftiger, Knochenbau, harmon. Kö...
06/03 B litter
04/12 Z litter
04/12 A litter
10/15 Rostock, Germany-DK CH, NO CH Dian...
Korr. Kopf, gut anges. Ohren, guter Körperbau, korr Beine, gut anges. und...
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Random photo of the puppy

Kaj (born 1954) and I (1955) met each other in December 2001 and moved together about half an year later. We have both been married before and from these marriages we got 4 children: Kaj has Trine & Bjørn, I have Karina and Ditte - all four are grown up and independent now.

Kaj and I have much in common, but one big common interest became/are… The Chows. They fill the best part of our day and are a marked feature of our lifestyle. Our whole home is marked by the fact, that we have many dogs and there must be place for them. That means tile-floors, washing-room, puppy-room, and dog-rooms, built for exactly this breed, that we have lost our hearts to, lots of outdoor space, enormous quantities of towels, brushes, scissors, doggie-shampoos, and leashes.

The shelves are full of show-results, vaccination-papers and pedigrees, while the drawers are full of all kind of copies about dogs/chows. Even the car is chosen so it has enough place for the dogs, when they are to be taken to a show or some place else.

The dog-expenses are bigger than our private expenses due to insurances, vaccinations, shows, dog-food and supplements, blankets, dog-beds, toys, food-bowls, leashes, tit-bits, etc. So one could sure say, that we have got "dog-madness". And we love it!

We got the loveliest Chow-Chows in the world, and ... we got each other ;o) What more could we wish for?

The Chow has many noble qualities,
his heart cannot be taken by storm ,

but once given,
it is yours forever

(Lady Dunbar of Mochrum , "The Chow Chow" 1914)

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