What you should know before getting a Chow Chow

The Chow is calm, well-adjusted, independent, cat-like, and a bit proud as a breed.
Don't laugh at a Chow. They hate to loose face.

It is often called a “one-man-dog” but “one-family-dog” is appropriate as well.
For this reason, think carefully before getting a Chow. If you have to find a new home for your Chow, it is more of a shame for your Chow, than it is for you!

The Chow can be very reserved ...This varies from dog to dog, but should be expected by the buyer/owner

You can often see a Chow growl or leave a room, where there is a guest. There is no reason to force the dog to stay around company, that doesn’t suit it. This is best for the dog and the guest. Let the Chow leave the room and don’t make a big deal out of it.

It is important to treat the Chow with kindness and calmness, but with authority. A Chow has nothing left for people who shout and scream or are rough towards them. The person loses face with the Chow and will not be respected. You should handle yourself as the leader of the pack, with a calm authority .

The Chow is a breed who likes children and have the patience of an angel, but only as long as it serves a purpose. When the dog has had enough attention from both children and adults, it will go and lay down, where there is peace and quiet. This should be respected by all of the family and guest.

NEVER buy a puppy/dog as toy for your children!!

The Chow will find a place to sleep, where there is peace and a good a view of it's surroundings.

The Chow is easy to have in the house and is a good watchdog.

The Chow is usually kind towards other dogs, but if provoked will defend itself very efficiently.

The Chow is a fast-learner, when it wants to be. Us chow-lovers believe they are highly intelligent, because they only do things they want to do, while other people, with no understanding for the character of the breed, are likely to claim, that the Chow is stupid or lazy. But don’t be fooled ... The Chow is very fast over short distances if it sees something is interesting and needs to be investigated.

Of course the Chow should be taught manners in order to become a good family dog. The beautiful appearance of the Chow together with it’s self confidence and self-willed and cat-like personality suits some dog owners, while is works as a red flag to others.

The Chow is best suited to calm, balanced people, who have a sense for the special nature of the breed.

The Chow have no major need for a large amount of exercise, but they appreciate an enclosed area or garden and one walk daily. The Chow Chow has a relatively heavy build and you should be careful not to over exercise puppies and young dogs ... avoid heavy, hilly country. The Chow can endure snow and cold and have no problems with heat, but exercise on hot days should be minimal, to avoid heatstroke.