Litchi Chow FengShui

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11/20 Erritsø-Litchi Chow...
Medelstor, maskulint huved och uttryk, bra bredde i skalleparti. Bra Nos...
11/20 Rougsø-2006-09-23 00:00:...
2½ years old, masculin in head, healthy eyes but a bit small....
11/20 Broholm Slot-2006-08-26...
Nice red dog, typical head, flat skull, neat ears, good mouth, clean eye...
11/20 Aalborg-2006-06-18 00:00...
Correct bite, good pigmentation, good head with a flat scull, dark eyes...
11/20 Sommerskue Studsgård-...
Selfred dog with good bone, rather narrow in front, nice clean eyes,...
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Litchi Chow FengShui

Name: Litchi Chow FengShui
Nick name: FengShui
Sex: Male
DKK Pedigree: 17027/2004
Colour: Red
Breeder : Else Horshauge Christensen, Thyborøn

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Litchi Chow FengShui
Litchi Chow FengShui
Litchi Chow FengShui
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Show date Title Place
18/11/2006 1 Pr. Erritsø read more
23/09/2006 1 PR. 3 PL. Rougsø read more
26/08/2006 1 Pr. 3 Pl Broholm Slot read more
18/06/2006 1 Pr. 2 Pl. CK Aalborg read more
28/05/2006 1 Pr. 1 Pl. BIM Sommerskue Studsgård read more
25/03/2006 1 Pr. 2 PL. Gjern read more
19/11/2005 1 Pr, 1 Pl, CK, BIK 4 Vig read more
05/11/2005 1 Pr, 1 Pl, CK, BIK 4 Herning read more
25/06/2005 1 Pr, 2 PL Broholm Slot read more
28/05/2005 1 Pr, 3 PL Fjellerad read more
03/04/2005 1Pr, 2 PL, SL Esbjerg, National udstilling read more
02/04/2005 1 Pr, 1 PL, SL, CK, Bedst i... Gjern read more

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