Nin-T´Sun Quarzo

Nin-T´Sun Quarzo

Name: Nin-T´sun Quarzo
Nick name: Toffi
Sex: Male
DKK Pedigree: 03060/2004
Colour: Red
Breeders: Ninna Hansen & Monica Køpke -

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Nin-T´Sun Quarzo
Nin-T´Sun Quarzo
A litter


This pedigree is for:
Nin-T´Sun Quarzo
Kwaitang Kapo Di Monte

Kyong Kristian Dior at Kwaitang

Melclare Morello

The Sting By Towmena
Melclare Madonna

Jowtrix Eliza Red at Kyong
Jowtrix Red Magnum

Loyjean Cher
Midnight Rose at Kwaitang
Shayuz Gideon at Kwaitang

Kwaitang Kasha
Kiyat Khorijin
Clejay Daisey May
Lechan Mr Frost
Sophie Super Tramp
Fuh-Thu-Chow´s Bolette

Cao Of The China´s Joy

Beau -Chien Kwei- Jang

Tanlap Thriller

Jusha-Kwei Jang
Chrissy of the China's Joy

Towmena Randy

Lorna of the China's Joy
Ciang-Tai´s Gail

Lechan My Guy
Lechan Rock N'Roller at Chinlai
Lechan Miss Rose
Habagous Adam at the First Man
Ciang Tai's Black Tessa

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